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Who Needs I-9 Form: What You Should Know

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Needs I-9 Form

Instructions and Help about Who Needs I-9 Form

Instructor: Question number two: I have a marketing crew to help... Let me get this out of the way so you guys can see it. - Instructor: I have a marketing crew helping us find buyers and sellers for real estate. We pay a fee on a deal-per-deal basis. Should we be giving them a W-9? I'm going to ask the class just because, what do you guys think? - Class: Yes. - Instructor: Yeah, absolutely. Are you giving them money for service? - Class Member: The W-9 is the form that the contractor gives you with their tax ID number on it. What you're giving them is-- - Instructor: Ah, you're actually right, good catch. So should we be giving them a W-9 to fill out? - Class: Yes. - Instructor: All right, there we go. You need to get a W-9 from them and you need to, what's the form? - Class Member: Over 600 dollars you (mumbles). - Instructor: Over 600 bucks you've got to 1099 them. Jeff, when do you need to get that 1099 done? - Jeff: For miscellaneous, that's got to be January 31st. - Instructor: So January 31st. - Jeff: January 31st. - Instructor: And who do you give them to? - Jeff: Give them to anybody collecting more than 600, or that you pay more than $600 to, as long as they are not a corporation or S corporation. And you also don't do it for purchase of merchandise and supplies. - Instructor: Now they tried that a few years back, they said, "Hey, we're going to have you 1099 everybody." You guys remember everybody was talking about the Home Depot and having to pay Home Depot 1099s? (class laughing) And then they nixed it? Yeah, all the contractors. All right, question....